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About us

Who are Akaal Seva?

Akaal Seva is a group of young Sikhs who want to put something back into their local and surrounding communities by improving individual’s quality of life and well being.  We operate in close partnership with a variety of organisations locally, nationally and internationally. It is our goal to have the greatest selection of volunteer projects with the widest possible appeal.

Our History

Akaal Seva started in 1999, marking the 300th anniversary of Khalsa Panth (Khalsa Nation).  Khalsa means ‘pure’ name given by the 10th Sikh Guru – Guru Gobind Singh Ji to all Sikhs who have been baptised or initiated by taking Amrit.  Akaal Seva founded by group of young Sikhs in Bedford to pursue projects in education, welfare, spirituality as to the Sikh teachings, classical musical instruments, kirtan, health and wellbeing

Our Mission

Akaal Seva is a non-profit making independent body which assists and supports the local community by promoting healthy living and well-being in line with Sikh principles.  It does this through various activities using a holistic approach, tackling both the physical and psychological aspects of health.

Aims & Objectives:

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for the local communities by:

  • Aiding to improve quality of life through Sikh principles.
  • Promoting involvement in community activities.
  • To create local activities and projects which promote health and well being.
  • To increase confidence, self-esteem and a sense of well-being amongst our target groups (children, families, young people, older generation and excluded individuals).
  • To encourage and support participation in community activity leading to increased participation in social, economic and cultural activities of the community.


Our activities and projects included (but not limited to):

SpiritualityGet involvedKirtan & Tabla Classes
Annual Living Sikhi Camps
Gurmukhi / Gurbani Santhiya
CommunityGet involvedBedford Langar Project
Charity events
Local / National Community Aid
Group Activities
Physical FitnessGet involvedPhysical Education
Awareness of Health and Wellbeing
Team Building Exercises
Educational workshops